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Good content marketing keeps a company top-of-mind for customers. Keeping your website flush with fresh content gives your audience a reason to keep coming back to your site, even when they are not looking to buy. Content marketing can inform potential customers about your offerings and expertise, and engages your existing customers in a way that encourages brand loyalty.

Proper blogging establishes you as an expert and a thought-leader and stimulates interaction with your audience. Turn your digital blank pages over to Digital Web’s content marketing studio, and we will tell your story.

An active company blog is a high-mileage asset for content marketing and social media, as articles can and should be repurposed in your email marketing, used as lead generation tools, and shared across all your social media properties.

Why do we recommend a business blog?

Key Points:

  • Professional writers will craft your message

  • Educational, informative, entertaining

  • Content marketing benefits SEO

  • Repurpose your blogs in social media and newsletters

  • Every site needs its unique content

  • Build emotional connections with customers

  • Static, unchanging sites are less compelling

  • Answer questions of clients in a professional capacity

  • Enhance your reputation, establish your authority, build trusted relationships

  • Create a record of authentic thought leadership and opinion

  • Amplify and extend your networking with prospects, and referrals

  • Blogs can reflect changes in your industry

  • Content marketing provides lead-gen opportunities

  • Engage your readers with an authentic personal voice

  • Fresh content dramatically expands your digital footprint

Digital Web Services

Starting a company blog helps you accomplish three main things: SEO, storytelling, and shareable content.

1 – Storytelling is an engaging and essential form of marketing.

In an age where storytelling is as vital to marketing as ever, content marketing—particularly business blogging—is among the very best ways to let your potential customers know who you are. It’s a platform for sharing entertaining stories and your company’s message. It’s a way to show that you are a leader in your industry and give your audience something interesting to share.

2 – Blog articles provide shareable content for your brand.

Blogging can be artful and even beautiful. Digital Web’s philosophy for content marketing is to inspire, entertain, and educate. Having an influential blog provides you with a source of social media content. It gives your followers something to post on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Company Pages, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts. When you incorporate blogging into your website, your social media marketing can be infused with quality content in your company’s voice. Creating and sharing custom-written content is more potent than curating what others have said. If you’re offering content that users deem valuable and worthy of posting on their social media networks, all that sharing will goose your SEO as well.

3 – Blogs greatly benefit your SEO.

Search engine crawlers index all the pages and links in your site regularly. This indexing process allows the search engine to provide ranked results to search engine users. Ranking highly on those results pages is better than being buried on the third page.


You are blogging aides your SEO efforts in two key ways. Blog posts serve as landing pages, which show up in Google search results for searchers to click on. Making more relevant and high-quality content means taking up more “real estate,” and, in Google’s eyes, elevating your profile.


Also, more landing pages means more eyes on your site and makes it easier for potential customers to find your website. Blogging regularly over a long period allows you to accumulate a wealth of information on your industry and area of expertise. Anyone Googling a topic you have posted about has a higher chance of finding you merely under you have posted about it. Landing pages expand the range of keywords that can lead someone to your site.


Properly weaving keywords and links throughout your site makes it more appealing to search engine crawlers. Business blogging provides a structure for injecting these life-giving elements into an otherwise static (and always ageing) website.


For blogging tips, our bloggers regularly post tips and tricks for business blogging in the Digital Web Post.

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